Dedicated to Eddie Campbell & His Family & Friends

09th October 2010
This blog is dedicated to Mr. Eddie Campbell, his family and friends.

First, I do not know Mr. Campbell ... On September 25, 2010, God made a divine appointment for him and I to meet. On that day, my job was to photograph a wedding for Leah and Zach Queen.

Mr. Campbell and his daughter were in this wedding, and his family attended. From what I understand Leah 'Speck' Queen grew up with the Campbell family and they were best of friends. On Wednesday, October 6, I saw a few comments and post on Facebook sharing the death of Eddie Campbell. I had no idea who he was, but found out that day that Eddie was one of the groomsmen in the wedding I photographed on September 25.

Shocked and disheartened, I started to think back of the photos I had taken that day. Here's a quote I posted on my Facebook "God has given me confirmation that on September 25, 2010, I was just where He wanted me to be. I saw several post about Eddie Campbell passing, but I did not know who he was. I found out he was one of the groomsmen in the Speck/Queen wedding. That day, Mr. Campbell came up to me and tapped me on my shoulder, and said ‘...maam … would you mind taking a picture of me and my daughter’? I believe God gave me and others a TREASURE!"

In this blog, I would like to share all of the photos that Eddie was in from Leah and Zach's wedding. Here you will see all the precious moments they all had together on that day. I hope you will hold these close to your heart as I have mine.

-God Bless the Campbell family, and may God give you strength in this time of sorrow. [Matthew 5:4 -Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted]

Eddie and River didn't know I took this photo. They were posing for someone else.

Eddie asked me to take photos of him and his daughter in these two photos.

Eddie escorted Leah's mom to her seat.

This is absolutely one of my favorite photos from the wedding.

Eddie escorted one of the bridesmaids when the wedding was over.

And of course, Eddies family. They all did a great job! I love the sunglasses!

And the wedding party photos ... perfect!

And finally, Eddie escorted a bridesmaid into the reception.

Thank you for letting me share some treasured moments in this blog. Feel free to leave comments.

-Michelle D.


Photo comment By jon hafferman: thank you for sharing those special moments with us all,,i grew up with eddie and have known him since 15th street elementry,then jr high then high school. we graduated the same year together,,and i can say he will be missed....he was my friend !
Photo comment By patience frenzel: Great photos of Eddie, and especially with River, love the ones with his family... I have been friends with Eddie "Freak", as I always call him, since 6th grade. He will be sadly missed and I will have him in my heart each time I cross the Mason Dixon Line... he would text me to ask if I had crossed it yet every time he knew I was coming home from New Jersey.. Love ya lots Freak..
Photo comment By melissa williamson: Your pics r amazing! You have no idea what a story these poses told! You really caught who he was in a few! In fact, he probaly knew that when he was asked to do the pose! Altho I envisioned him telling a story or giving you a hundred reasons why he did or dint believe in something! Eddie was an amazing person! His morals & valu es were very important to him! His priority was his family! That often included his dearest friends! Eddie would be proud that these were his last photos....thank you! All that knew him..I'm sure feel the same! Altho leah & zach dint know @ the time just how special these photos would be...blessed r they for the most precious invite they would pass out! Leah loved eddie sooo much..even telling me once " if anything happened to my Dad...Eddie would give me away @ my wedding"! At that time..she never knew how powerful her statement would be! Nor that it was her & Zach that would pass on such a gift to him,River and his family!
Photo comment By Rev. Mike Blitch: I was able to visit with Eddie while he was in the hospital, and like so many I was shocked and saddened by his sudden passing. We had become friends while enjoying lunches with a co-worker, Mark Pearson, and it was fun listening to his quiet sense of humor. I pray that because he trusted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior he is now in a special place where no eye has seen or man even dreamed of what God has prepared for those who love him. I'm sure he will be missed...
Photo comment By Leah Queen: I was just now able to actually get through this blog. Michelle you caught memories that we will never forget! Thank you so much for sharing this me with and everyone else that knew Eddie. His family is so thankful for these pictures and they will be treasured for a lifetime. Eddie was one of a kind and he will be missed. I love you Eddie always and forever!

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