FAQS by Michelle

1) How much and when do I pay?

Session fees are due at the time of booking.

2) Suggestions on what to wear?

I always suggest to not where zig/zags, to loud of colors, bad plaids, sleeveless tops, shorts. You are getting your portrait, you want to be dressed nicely. Families: please try to dress alike in matching colors. Babies and their siblings, also try to dress alike with color coordinating.

3) How long will this take?

I try to stay within the hours chosen for your session. Babies can sometimes fool us. We follow their schedule, but try to stay within the time allowed.

4) What is involved in Newborn Photography?

Plan on being in the session for a few hours - these sessions are based on babies ... the best photos are of the baby sleeping ... sometimes these sessions can go for 2-3 hours. It really depends on the baby.

Tip: try to make sure the baby is sleepy when you bring her/him

Tip: try to make sure baby is fed, this saves some time

You may bring hats, blankets, toys, clothing changes

5) Do you charge to purchase or make a payment online?

Yes, there is a processing fee. When you check out this fee will say 'postage' and NOT 'processing' and will be added to your order. Please refer to the following:

$1 - $65 = $2.00
$66 - $100 = $3.00
$101 - $150 = $5.00
$151 - $200 = $6.00
$201 - $300 = $9.00

6) How do I see my photos?

I will provide you with a link to your photo session via email. You are welcomed to buy extra prints within that link. Just click the buy tab.

7) When will you send my photos for viewing?

Normally your slideshow will be sent within 3-4 days of session. However, sometimes it could take longer. *this excludes weddings*

8) How do I order?

Step 1- Choose your package

Step 2- Any extra prints you want added to your package, just click the buy tab.