WCHS Class of 1981 Reunion

30th July 2011
Warren County High School Class of 1981 30th Reunion

We are proud to be graduates of Warren County High School!
(photo taken 4-21-11)

Oh my goodness, where do I start??? On July 30, 2011, my class, the Warren County High School, Class of 1981 had our 30th class reunion. I've put together all the photos taken this night on this blog. Wow what a great night. In school, and growing up, I didn't realize how important school really was, and really, just wanting to just get through it. It didn't appear to go by to fast back then, but looking back now, boy it did!! I hear a lot of people say they don't care about seeing old friends or people they went to school with -- I can truly tell you, if you are invited to your reunion you should definitely go. You will be happy to see people you went to school with for 12 years!!

In 1981, I remember watching the end of our class slideshow and it made me teary-eyed, but I didn't realize really what was happening -- to busy thinking about getting out of that place ... LOL. I redid the slideshow for the 30th, and I shared at the reunion, it didn't start quite right though, (lol), urghhhh, we missed the BEGINNING!! Let me tell ya, any classmates and/or others reading this blog, I suggest you buy one so you can watch it from beginning to end. LOL (Details soon).

Before I redid the slideshow, it consisted of approximately 463 photos, and 43 sound clips -- and before I added to the show, at the beginning and the end, the show was approximately 33-35 minutes long. I added about 4-5 minutes. It is quite long.

Oh my goodness, The Class of 1981, made this night a very special night! But, I really do want to thank my friends Karol Derflinger and Tommy Campbell for putting up with me and the stress towards the end. You have to admit, we had fun! ***laughing*** You guys are great!! I also want to thank my sister, Renee Athey and my cousin, Emma Sacchetti for helping us with the door and the decorating. Also, thank you to Dana Knave, Full Plate Catering for an awesome job on the food!! And last but not least, Patrick & Eric for a great night of music!! Oh and how could we forget Debbie (at the country club) for putting up with us! LOL

Thanks for coming out and sharing this special night. I hope you had as much fun as I did! :)

PS - If I missed your photo, I'm sorry. I ran around that place and didn't see James Israel or Scott Maddox?

We the Class of 1981 do remain #1! :)

1st row from left to right, Michelle Athey Davis, Beverly Goemans, Susan Susan Smith (Duplessis), Delores Oates (Riley), Shelley Pittman (Leadman), Susie Poe (Sims), Pattie Henry, (Baugher) 2nd row, left to right, Scott Maddox, Kevin Fox, Karen Waldron (Hooten), Julie Mullins, Kate Sowers (Campbell), Tammy Darr (Cooper), Carol Prins (Rudacille), Jada Teachout (Henson), Stefany Coviello, Sandy Reynolds, Patricia Trish Barr Thompson, Patricia Vaught Brown, Sandra (Deade) Knott, Ruth Foster, 3rd row left to right, Greg Price, Lennis Baker, Dornie Groves, Tommy Campbell, Woody Morrison, Robin Turner, (LINE IS NOT STRAIGHT LOL), (front a little) Janine Jones (Boyles), April Wines, Dawn Walker, Karol Derflinger (Svindland), Debbie Dawson (Smedley), beside Robin Turner, Janice Mitchell, Barry Baltimore, 4th row left to right, Jeff Clegg, Jim Shipe, Albert Owens, Mark Derflinger, Don Rumsey, Patrick Burke, BJ Biggs, Rick Ebert, back row, Joe Peregory, Mark Yates, Ross Woods, Wesley Rogers, Bill Long, Bill Cash, Thom Markee, Walt Moyer, James Israel, John Cash, Charles Shipe

Your memory is a keepsake
With which we will
never part
God has you in
His keeping
We have you in our hearts

Tony Bowman - Michael Freeman - Tammy Gray - Brenda Jackson - Morgan Kreitler - Sarah Leach - Messell Mathews - Joan McBee - Craig Ryder - Jeff Sealock - Timmy Sloat - Pam Kerns - Robin Spence Knott - Tina Stimson - Echo Waybright

Some photos do not have captions, but I'm sure you will recognize that person!


Mark Derflinger, Karol Derflinger (Svindland), Ruth Foster & her date, April Wines & Ronnie Henry

Kevin Fox & Carrie Stephens

Barry Baltimore, Janice Mitchell, Mark Yates

Tammy Darr (Cooper), Carol Rudacille (Prins)

Read this girls tag! :)

Janine Jones (Boyles) (right) with her sister

Ross Woods, Pattie Henry (Baugher), Deade Knott, Janice Mitchell, Dawn Walker

Susie Poe (Sims) with her husband

Patty Brown (Vaught), Susan Duplessis (Smith) and her husband

April Henry (Wines) & her husband Ronnie Henry

Jim Shipe & his date (or wife) LOL

Dornie Groves

Julie Mullins, Jada Teachout (Henson), Delores Oates (Riley), Shelley Pittman (Leadman)

Patrick Burke, Jeff Clegg, Tommy Campbell

Wooo, getting it on ...

Wooo, you go Stefany Coviello!

Debbie Spence (Haines), Karol Derflinger (Swindland)

Michelle Davis (Athey), Debbie Spence (Haines), Karol Derflinger (Swindland)

Debbie Spence (Haines), Shelley Pittman (Leadman)

Tammy Darr (Cooper), Robin Banjoman (Turner)

Kate going LOWWWWW!! LOL

Kate Sowers (Campbell), Pattie Henry (Baugher)

Renee Athey, Emma Sacchetti (Bowen) *Renee Class of 82, Emma Class of 83

Michelle Davis (Athey), Emma (from above)

Greg Powell, Patty Brown (Vaught)

You go Barry!! *Barry sees Rick Sowers for the first time*

Stefany & Susan were getting it on - on the dance floor!

Kevin & Carrie

Tommy Campbell, Karol Derflinger (Swindland)

Karol, Tommy, Michelle *YAYYYY- we did it!! :)

Rick & Kate

Donald & his wife, Thom Markee & Karol

Mark Derflinger, John & Bill Cash

John, Kevin & Bill

Debbie & Sandy

Ruth & Susan

Bill & Sandy Long

BJ & Barry

Debbie Dawson (Smedley) & Bill Long

Bill & Sandy (LOL)

BJ going down our 'soul train' line

Mike Smith

Walt Moyer

Tommy Campbell, Joe Peregory

Delores Oates (Riley), Rick Ebert


Albert Owens and his wife

BJ on the dance floor

Karol & Mark

BJ again

Joe Peregory and his wife/girlfriend LOL

Janice Mitchell & Mark Yates

After the PARTY, some of us met at the park for a little gathering, here's a few photos...

Mr. Capp Whitmore

Trish LOL

PRINCESSES!! LOL Mackenzie (Michelle's daughter) Madelynn (Karols daughter)

Miss Madelynn and her momma, Karol

Janice Mitchell's grandchild

Barry & Pattie, boy they are spunky! LOL

Yep, Canon is it! LOL

Just chillin, Walt and Capp

Guess? LOL

Walt Moyer & Crystol Moyer (Hisermans) daughters

Stefany (caught her right while I was leaving) :)

--Thank you again, Class of 81 for making the 30 year reunion happen

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever
We will still be, friends forever


Photo comment By Albert Owens: The pictures are great, I may be interested in a copy of the slide show
Photo comment By Dawn Walker: Great job on the pictures
Photo comment By Cheryl Perando Strawser: It was really great to see the pics of everyone...great job to everyone who worked hard on getting this reunion together!!!! Time passes soooo fast, it's hard to believe it's been 30 years !!!
Photo comment By scott c. maddox: I guess Ive always been the guy on the other side of the camera. You got me in some photos. I was that way back in school too. Sometimes in life not bein seen in the big picture you get to see the real pictures of the day. It was a good one from where I saw it. I had a good time even if I wasn't captured in time.
Photo comment By Denise Payne -Jenkins: Was a very well put together event, I enjoyed looking at the photos very much. Class of 83. Well organized guys. SMILES
Photo comment By Susan Smith: Great pictures! Great time had by everyone - so incredible to reunite!!!
Photo comment By Jim Derflinger: Found your site by accident. I attented WCHS in 1956. Found some name I know. Would Karol and/or Mark Derflinger be the children of , my couzin, Wimpy? Enjoyed the photos.
Photo comment By Jim Ballard: Pictures are great! You did a great job, Michelle.
Photo comment By Janice Mitchell: Pictures were great and so was the evening! Can"t wait to do it again!!! Grat job Michelle

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