Michelle offers four wedding package pricing. With any choice of packages, free gifts will be available for choosing her.

Full pricing by .pdf format please complete the form and Michelle will respond to you as quick as possible:
She will help you with your special request as well.

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The Platinum Wedding Photography Package

The Gold Wedding Photography Package

The Bronze Photography Wedding Package is for the smaller weddings, including elopements, anniversary parties.

Just My Wedding or Just My Reception for those couples who only want ceremony photography without any posed photography.

Also available:

Add lots of fun to your wedding - The Photo Booth

Trash the Dress

What is a Trash the Dress session? It's just that...a chance for you to do something fun, fantastic, and creative with your gorgeous wedding dress. Just think--you wear it for one day of your ENTIRE life. Why not get some more use out of it?! How, you say? By slipping into that fabulous dress of yours, putting on your pretty face, and letting us capture some crazy creative photos! This is a session where we take you and your dress (and your hubby too, if he's game!) and go to places you normally wouldn't go on your wedding day. Perhaps a wheat field in the late afternoon golden light. Or on a playground while he's pushing you on the swing. Or up on that horse of yours, your dress' train draping down its soft coat while you ride across the the sunset. Get the picture? Gulp, GORGEOUS!

It's a chance for us to dedicate time with just you (or the two of you), and artistically create some out-of-this-world photos. These photos truly express the natural beauty of the bride in her dress (and the groom in his tux/suit). Some people hear
"Trash the Dress" and think it means destroying your dress. No. Create photos that showcase how beautiful you are in that dress. Photos to last a lifetime. Showcasing you in trashing the dress!

Most current work of weddings can be seen on the BLOG.

Also, refer to the PORTFOLIO, weddings.

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Please note: My location is VIRGINIA, however, OUT OF STATE AS WELL AS WORLDWIDE TRAVEL AVAILABLE For pricing, email

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